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counseling and mediation services

Mary Beth Dennie

Professional Fees

50 minutes of Individual Counseling or

Marriage Counseling - $125

50 minutes of counseling or consulting

away from office, including travel time. - $150

50 minutes of Parent Coaching without

court/attorney involvement - $150

Supervision Fees - $100 per hour; weekly meetings required

Court Related Work Telephone consult or administrative work,
Billed upon quarter hour. ……. $200

Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Parenting Coordination or Facilitation. Billed upon quarter hour. Each party pays one half of fee, unless otherwise agreed upon. $200

Court appearance, time away from office, including travel time: Per hour (three hour minimum) - $250

Overnight stay, additional – per night - $150

Report for Court or Diagnostic - $200

Non-refundable subpoena fee - $1,500

Retainer fee for Parent Facilitation or Coordination - $3,000

Retainer fee for court appearance. Parker County - $1,000 half-day; $2,000 full day.

Other Counties - $1,500 half-day; $2,500 full day. 

All subpoena and retainer fees, and fees for reports, copies or postage must be paid in advance, prior to scheduling an appointment or one week prior to court date. 

Please make check payable to: Mary Beth Dennie, LPC-S

MasterCard, Discover, and Visa are accepted forms of payment, fees may apply.

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