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Privacy Policy last updated December 28, 2011.

Mary Beth Dennie, LPC values you, your relationship and your privacy. She believes that client confidentiality is a sacred trust and is the foundation from which effective psychotherapy is built. Your visit to this website is subject to a Privacy Policy that safeguards that trust and ensures your online privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the kinds of personal information that may be collected at the Mary Beth Dennie, LPC website located at (the Site), how that information could be used and with whom it may be shared. Additionally, this Privacy Policy describes the measures Mary Beth Dennie, LPC with take to safeguard your information as well as how you may reach Mary Beth Dennie, LPC to update your contact information, remove your name from any mailing lists or ask Mary Beth Dennie, LPC any questions you may have about the use of your personal information. It also explains how you may elect to stop receiving communications about our products and services. Information We Collect and How We Use ItWhen visiting you may choose to provide the site with personal information. If you decide to contact Mary Beth Dennie for information regarding appointment times, fees, insurance, etc., it is possible for you to complete an online contact form that will require you to include your name, email address, telephone number and a brief comment. This information will be used for no other purpose that to respond to the associated inquiry. If you are uncomfortable with having our website collect this personal information, please do not provide it. You may contact Mary Beth Dennie by phone instead. Customizing Your Experience on the Website via Information Gathering Technology Mary Beth Dennie, LPC does collect non-personal information for the purpose of enhancing our web-site and the Mary Beth Dennie's ability to better serve future clients. The specific technology for this activity is the use of cookies. Cookies In the simplest terms, cookies can be described as innocuous bits of text placed on your hard drive when you visit a given web site. When you visit cookies will be placed on your hard. The best way for you to avoid having cookies placed on your hard drive is to set your browser or browser plug-ins to notify you when a site attempts to place cookies giving you the option to accept or reject the cookies. Should you reject the cookies you may still use the website but some functionality may be limited. Sharing Your Personal Information Mary Beth Dennie, LPC will never share your personal information with third parties for their use in marketing their products or services. Mary Beth Dennie, LPC will never ask to share your personal information with third parties marketing the products and services of third parties. Mary Beth Dennie, LPC will never sell and is bound by federal law to refrain from disclosing your personal information. Third Parties Mary Beth Dennie, LPC retains Google, Inc. for analysis of web traffic and advertising results in order to optimize our efforts at informing mental healthcare clients of the services Mary Beth Dennie, LPC offers. In order to accomplish this task, certain information related to your patterns of online media consumption may be collected and shared with Google, Inc. Additionally, Mary Beth Dennie, LPC may hire other enterprises or individuals to perform similar functions but will make a reasonable effort to ensure that their practices remain consistent with this Privacy Policy. Examples include companies or individuals who analyze data, firms that specialize in customer support and webhosting companies. It is possible that these third parties will be provided limited information that is relative only to your visit to and the legitimate analytical functions provided by these third parties. These third parties may not use this information other than on our behalf and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Compliance with Law and Fraud Protection On rare occasions it may become necessary to disclose personal information as required by law and the moral and ethical practices of the counseling profession. Such instances are relegated to specific information that would lead Mary Beth Dennie to believe that you or someone else is in imminent danger of physical harm or involved in illegal activity. Children's Privacy Children who are thirteen years old and younger may browse, but they are not allowed to offer any personal information. This Site is not intended to target children under the age of thirteen and Mary Beth Dennie, LPC will not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen who are visiting the Should information accidentally be collected from a visitor under the age of thirteen on we will delete the information from our records. How We Protect Personal Information Mary Beth Dennie, LPC is committed to maintaining reasonable safeguards for with an aim to prevent unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration or destruction of the personal information provided to Mary Beth Dennie, LPC on Please direct any concerns you may have about the security please call 817-629-9132. Updates to Our Privacy Policy Mary Beth Dennie, LPC reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy from time to time. Should a revision of this Privacy Policy be needed, it will be posted here. We recommend that you consult the Privacy Policy from time to time in order to check for updates. The effective date will be published at the top of this page.

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