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Psychotherapy is often used to respond to crisis events in people's lives. But what if you're caught somewhere between crisis and everyday stress. Developing a relationship with a licensed professional counselor can help. From the most serious mental and emotional challenges to decisions about careers and happiness, counselors assist individuals in becoming the fulfilled, joyful and productive people they were meant to be. Some of the more common reasons for individual counseling include anger counseling, counseling for depression, grief counseling, counseling for stress, counseling for obsessive compulsive disorders, counseling for anxiety or panic disorders, self-esteem counseling, sleep difficulties, counseling for parents, eating disorders, weight loss and many more. If you or someone you love could use help coping with one or more of these issues, don't hesitate. Call a licensed professional counselor today.

Find your way back to happiness with counseling and psychotherapy.
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Mary Beth Dennie

Adult Counseling

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